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The woman behind Live A Life You Love
Caroline Grubb - Life & Business Coach
Caroline Grubb - Life & Business Coach

I used to be one of those zombified grey suits you’d see clogging up the streets in rush hour every weekday morning… commuting 2.5 hours into London to work every day, sleeping on the train, slowly waking up with the first hit of caffeine at my desk, eating junk food because I had no time to cook properly… daydreaming about exciting adventures but not knowing how I’d ever squeeze my dreams into just 25 days holiday a year.

But now I’m free & living the life of my dreams!

I love seeing how people shine when they are at their natural best - energised, properly nourished, feeling secure & doing what they love.

People who are consciously living their life, their way, giving their best to themselves & others are a gift to society.

Through following the training programs I share on this site, and dedicating myself over the past 3 years to transforming from unfulfilled, burned out employee to freedom entrepreneur, I'm living proof that it's possible to change your life.

I now have a lot more peace & balance in my life - and a lot less stress!

It breaks my heart to see so much wasted potential in people bound to their jobs, building their boss’s dreams instead of their own, afraid to break out of the mould because they feel trapped by the obligations of a mortgage & the security of a regular paycheque.

So now, as a freelance YouTube Marketing specialist, Marketing Coach for Launch You's Accelerate program and a certified Ultimate Contribution facilitator, I passionately support & coach fellow professionals with a latent adventurous curiosity to break free from the bindings of corporate life & live life in all its magical glory by empowering them to create & live a free-spirited life of their own design.