Live your life the Modern Wealthy way

By gaining the relevant & up-to-date skills, you can earn your income online & free up your time to travel, explore & do the things you like with the people you love while living out your true purpose


Hi, I'm Caroline Grubb!

I used to work in IT & enjoyed my job, but I felt trapped by the constraints of working for someone else and felt there was more to life.

My dream was to travel, take photos & meet interesting people around the world.

And to explore my potential - what was I truly capable of, when not limited by a job title, organisational structure & corporate rules & procedures?

I knew that to make this happen, I had to strike out on my own & find a way to make a living for myself, by myself

But having come from the traditional business world, I had no idea what I should do, how to gain the business skills I needed or where to find the help I needed to get started

That's when I discovered Launch You

Launch You is a world-class educational program that is uniquely designed for people like me - people with an employee background seeking to earn their income in a way that allows them to work less & live more.

It provides the training, technology, mentorship & support they need to design, build & run their own personal online business from scratch.

Launch You's world-class programs help aspiring business owners & entrepreneurs

Build Something You Love

So you can create a life & business that uniquely fits your lifestyle and income goals

Without any experience of running a business, or products or services of your own to sell


We can’t believe we’ve been able to create the lives we have! It takes hard work and effort, but if you’re prepared to put in the work you can create an amazing lifestyle!

Chris, Gerard, Merrilee & Sandrine

I left my corporate sales job 18 months after submitting my application having no idea what this was or what it could do for me… Everything you need under one roof to succeed at LIFE! I cannot thank you all enough.

Amy Taylor

The training provided is world class. Whether you want the best skills to promote your own business or to learn how to make money on the internet. This training is an absolute must!

Greg & Fiona Scott
New Zealand

I was also enrolled at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. I lost interest in their curriculum after beginning my training with the SFM, and gained more knowledge and value after only 2 days with the SFM than I had after 2 months at Full Sail

Matthew Dacosta
Your Journey To A Life Of Freedom & Fulfilment Starts With You

Blueprint For Success

Know Yourself

Find your unique passion & purpose by uncovering who you are at your core

Your Ideal Day

Draw your dream life towards you by envisioning your ideal ordinary day

Pick Your Path

Pick the business model that best fits your personal values & lifestyle and income goals

Learn The Skills

Gain the skills to prepare, launch & grow your own hyper-profitable online business

Earn As You Learn

Build your business as you learn & start making sales before you've even finished the training

Get Plugged In

Get connected to a network of like-minded solopreneurs to keep you on track & accelerate your growth

Launch You

Develop & embody the mindset & habits that will create long-lasting success in your life & business

Live Freely

Live a healthy, balanced, joyous life knowing you are doing something positive & purposeful - and being paid for it